I am Kashif Chaudhry, a physician by profession and currently completing my residency training in internal medicine at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine’s Englewood Hospital Program in New Jersey. I am a registered first responder with the international charity Humanity FIRST. Amongst other things, I love writing. I write for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and am presently a columnist with Newsline in Pakistan. I also blog at The Huffington Post and The Express Tribune, Pakistan. My interests include cardiology, Pakistan affairs and Muslim-American community affairs.

I am a local Muslim youth leader in New Jersey and an award-winning member of the Muslim Writers Guild of America. I waste no opportunity to avidly promote interfaith dialogue amongst American youth.

You can follow me on Twitter @KashifMD. Feel free to leave comments/criticisms on the articles on this blog.

  1. Hi Kashif.

    I am also an Ahmadi – but I think differently from you. I also regard HUMANITY FIRST.
    I write in my blog (click my name).

    Moreover, you are doing good job…

    I will surely read your blog. For the time being, I tell you KEEP IT UP!

  2. Hi Zeeshan, Salam.

    I’m glad to hear the similarities we share. Thanks for the appreciation. What ‘differently’ do you think? 🙂

  3. Great blog, great venue, great writing. Keep up the great work Dr. Chaudhry! Your work is much needed in today’s world.

  4. Bushra M. Wains

    Glad to see a competent Ahmadi writer in the midst of millions of bloggers. I really appreciate you for vocalizing your concerns about the rights of Ahmadi Muslims and those of other minorities in Pakistan. Commendable job!

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